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FingerTec Data Processor (FTDP) Software

The FingerTec Data Processor (FTDP) is designed to manage and manipulate users, fingerprints, logs and readers information for customers to connect FingerTec terminals to a third party system. The FTDP stores data in a centralized database to multiple LAN users to utilize the database to create an independent system via the ODBC manager. Apart from the ODBC manager, users can export data into different file types as required for input into their third party system. The FTDP is suitable for FingerTec users who are looking for basic data transmission with terminals, without having to perform any configuration in the time attendance settings and report printing, or in short without the need of using the SDK for any integration to a third party system.

Free for FingerTec User
The FDTP is a free application that is available to all FingerTec users who do not wish to use the TCMS V2 bundled software, but integrate the transaction logs into their own software.
Home User-Friendly
For home users of FingerTec H2i and also FingerTec Keylock 8800, FTDP is a simpler yet effective option, providing ease of use to home users who won’t need advanced system configuration.
Centralize All FingerTec Terminals
The FTDP can centralize data from all models of FingerTec terminals via IP address, COM port or a URL.
Add-On for OFIS Scanner
For simple applications, the FTDP can be used with an OFIS Scanner to work as a user management software
User Management Made Easy
User information, RFID cards, fingerprint and face templates can be uploaded and downloaded easily using the FTDP, and can be exported into various formats e.g. txt, Excel, XML or HTML.
Transactions Management Made Easy
Download transaction logs saved into the database and view them easily by sorting them according to Device ID, User ID, Username or date of transaction logs. Transaction logs can also be exported into txt, Excel, XML or HTML formats.
Simple Time Zone Management
FTDP supports the common time zone function available in most FingerTec terminals. A total of 50 set time zones are available for configuration.
USB Data Management 
With a USB Flashdisk, the FTDP allows you to read and write users information, RFID card, fingerprint, face templates as well as transaction logs generated from FingerTec terminals.
Terminal Management User Management Transaction Logs
Offers easy setup, configuration and advance setting of multiple terminals. Provides a user-friendly, simple and powerful user management interface. Provides feasibility to download, check, search and export the terminal’s raw data.
User Access Control Time Zone Setting User Access Control Information
Offers management of user’s terminal access control information like time zone and verification type setting. Provides 50 sets of time zone settings for users’ time zone or time zone grouping configuration to be updated to terminals. Provides feasibility for users to instantly check the terminal for their access control information like privilege, password, fingerprint, card number, verification type or time zone setting.
Read User Data from USB Data File Write User Data into USB Data File  
To retrieve the user data, fingerprint or face template from USB data file exported from terminals. To generate the USB data file from the selected user data, fingerprint or face template for upload to the terminals.  
 Important Notes:
• Supports MS Windows Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista (32/64 bits), Windows 7 (32/64 bits) and Windows Server 2008 (64 bits).
• Supports Microsoft Access Database or Microsoft SQL Server.
• Use ODBC Manager to connect to the Microsoft Access Database to retrieve data for third party system.
• Free of charge for FingerTec customers.
• Please download the software here: