We offer a flexible spectrum of support and maintenance services. Remote access is made available for your convenience where there is different operating environment. Our solution is if you have AnyDesk, a remote based technical support that allows our support team to access to your computer remotely and securely to troubleshoot and resolve any issues quickly.

Through AnyDesk we can assist you with the following:
>> Troubleshoot and resolve setting errors in Ingress,TCMS V3 and others software
>> Update software to a latest version
>> Check firmware configurations of FingerTec terminals

Easy step by step guide

Step 1
Run your AnyDesk Software. Get the 9-digit number in "AnyDesk-Address" column.(Click photo for refer).And inform our technical support accordingly.
Step 2
After Our Technical Support Team is connecting to your computer, your screen will pop out (Click photo for refer) and kindly Click "Accept" for approve Access.
Step 3
After click "Accept" , your computer screen will pop out windows security alert (Click photo for refer) make sure that 2 network is check and kindly Click "Allow Access" for approve.Our technical support are working their best to resolve the problem as soon as possible.
Note: Our technical support will keep you informed of the error and provide guidance. .